Inspiration for the Road

A week left before we head back into the Dominican. 

It’s a little overwhelming, as preparing for trips always can be. Packing; getting our financial matters in order; plane stuff; things for the team there…the list goes on and on. Usually, I find myself just waiting to get back on the plane and zone out, haha. 

This morning, though, I was met with a whole lot of encouragement. In the fall, we relocated for a short time to Orlando. While there, we were able to train a number of people going out into the world for short and long term missional plants. See this post to see how and when we trained them. 

This morning, I met with my friend Stephanie, who led a team out to South Africa. While there, they were able to inspire and empower the people they were working with so much, that in the 3 weeks they’ve left, they’ve already built 3 more tanks! This is so encouraging. 

It puts into perspective the power of education. The power of believing in people. The power of the amazing grace that God has given us to go into the world and be the representation of who He is and the love He has for the people on this earth. Check out these photos, with photo credit to the YWAM Orlando staff member, Nat. 


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