Ministry Update for Late Spring/Early Summer

Something about the summertime, right? We were fortunate enough to fly home for a few weeks to connect with our families and to begin the arduous process of beginning our own non-profit, Konbit Haiti.

We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with our friends and family in Alabama and for those who met with us and supported us as we began to delve into the dreams we have for Haiti. We are so thankful for you!

This trip home was really special, too, because while we were there we knew our Justice Water Community Directors were taking care of business here in Haiti and in the DR. It’s amazing to see how our local leaders here take a stand and are helping their communities receive access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

We are excited to share more with you as we continue to move forward with Konbit + Justice Water on this island! Here are a few Alabama shots!


IMG_1924 IMG_1931

Spending time with family is always fun. We got to see everyone for Mother’s Day, graduations and more. (Wish we could be there for Father’s Day, too! Love our dads!)IMG_1973

Such a good time meeting with an excellent weaver and friend of ours, Jan, who will be running a weaving fundraiser for us in October! IMG_1998

Happy Birthday to our nieces, Mackenna and Charlotte! IMG_2010

Always good seeing this friend-turned-family member and her kids


A bio-sand filter in one of the hardest to reach areas of Haiti. Led out by our friend, Mirtil



Weekend together in North Carolina (thanks dad!) to celebrate 6 years!


Finally! This is a game changer. Our paperwork has been filed for Konbit Haiti at the state level!

2 thoughts on “Ministry Update for Late Spring/Early Summer

  1. SO excited about all that is happening through you two! Wasn’t Brooke Hughes with the ladies who did the teaching to your ladies? I just did a resume workshop for her ladies at Women’s Resource Center. She’s a Univ. of Mobile grad and such a precious young woman. One of her letters back home to the WRC was forwarded to me. She had an amazing, blessed time with your ladies! Small world connections! LOVE you guys so much and I’m so thankful for commitment to live like Jesus!

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