Women’s Health Conference and other Haiti happenings

I have forgotten to write a lot here, mostly because we have been so busy that I haven’t been able to stop. There have been many changes to our staff team and many plans for the future that have kind of taken over our day-to-day for a while.

Today, though, I am sitting at our kitchen table, sipping some Haitian coffee and taking a moment to write down some of my thoughts.

This week was a week to remember. It was a culmination of past dreams and “what if?” conversations we had for over a year. It was through our relationships with women here in Haiti and through our good hearted and open friends in the States that we were able to bridge together this trip.

Though there were some minor hiccups, Konbit’s first annual Women’s Health Conference was amazing. We had about 30 women- leaders in the community we work in- who were anxious to know about their health and debunking some cultural myths and things they had believed/been taught before. It was a holy time, one where we as a sisterhood of women, came together and worshipped the God who made us just as we are. We talked, learned, shared and it was such an open time. After they graduated, we were able to use them in the clinical setting as our faithful nurses saw over 100 patients- mostly with ailments that were preventable or did not require medicine. We watched as our students became the teachers- advocating for simple methods to a healthier life.

Empowerment is a cool thing. It’s something we believe is at the heart of God and at the heart of the Gospel. God empowers us to do His work; He empowers us to create and change; He empowers us to love and do more than we could ever do alone.


So thankful for this ER nurse and friend, Savannah, you rock!


Giving out the certificates


Group shot


Don’t know what life would be like without this woman. Clelie is such an amazing partner in ministry and friend! Love her!


Candid group shot



Can NOT say thank you enough to these flexible, caring women. God used them so much this week. There are countless stories of the way their lives in the States and their life for this week in Haiti intertwined. Somtimes we think that our lives on a “mission trip” should encompass totally different things. But, this trip showed these women that they can and SHOULD use their skills right where they are to empower the people of Haiti!


Loved doing the clinic day with these nurses. They allowed their students to take vitals and to teach/help diagnose the very common ailments they all had. They talked about alternatives to medicine and it was a great time!


We loved that the kiddos were able to accompany their moms to the conference. This was after a hand washing demonstration.



Ryan also had a great week with his friend, Glenn. They were able to install a few screen doors, do some soil testing and help out with the conference. They even helped the other Konbit staff guys cook lunch for the conference! :)

 In a culture that might not always value women, I believe they felt valued, loved and accepted. We can’t wait to expand and see more trips like this- changing the way we do mission in Haiti completely. We are so thankful to those who sewed into this trip and into this ministry.

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