July in Hispaniola

July has been a busy month on the island! After wrapping up our medical training team in Haiti, we were able to do life in Haiti for a few more weeks before heading back to the other side of the island: the Dominican Republic.

Pictures really speak for themselves. We are so honored to see the transformation taking place in some of these Dominican and Haitian communities due to clean water programs, gardening, health conferences and most of all-empowerment. We have been blown away as we have visited communities, work sites and our friends- seeing the difference they are making in their communities is amazing.


Love this community and what the future holds for all of us. So thankful for the open doors we have to continue to do biblical community development with these folks.


Love this fam-jam. David’s wife, Senthya, and daughter Laira.



Clelie has taught me so much about working cross-culturally and just what it means to have such a big heart in this nation.



All these little shoes represent the kiddos that come through our gates to be loved, taught, shared with and more…all from their own Haitian culture. Love helping to train and empower those who work with these kiddos.



Our Dominican time was so sweet, as well. We were able to check in with Jose Luis and his water projects. He has been VERY busy! This is one of the two toilets he was working on for local homes.

IMG_3933_2 IMG_4023_2 IMG_3952_2

We love what we call “the Ripple Effect”. We taught Jose Luis back in 2012 and continued a relationship with him for years. Now, he and his wife are training up other locals from their churches and communities to bring clean water to their towns via rain catchment. So honored to know this family- such a big heart for their people!IMG_4519_2 IMG_3859

We have branched into a partnership with Filter of Hope recently and we just love them a lot. We usually do not use filters, as we predominately focus on multipliable and sustainable low-tech solutions, but there are always those instances where people need help QUICKLY and no other solution will work. We are thankful to work with this organization… and, hey, they are based out of Alabama, too!

Edited with Afterlight

Our last moments in the Dominican this July were focused on receiving my two brothers- Garrett and Jonathan! We have worked on the island for a long time and this is the first group in our immediate families to visit (my awesome cousins visited last spring!). We were able to explore with them- including this super awesome waterfall park- 27 Waterfalls.

Edited with Afterlight

Edited with Afterlight

Edited with Afterlight


We have had a really good couple of months in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Looking forward to the rest of the summer and the fall!

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