Hurricane Matthew Update2


Thank you so much for the tremendous response you have given us to the various needs we have with Haiti in this time. We have such an amazing opportunity to be a small part of the change that is happening in this country and we thank you for your love! You all have sent in money, school supplies, collected shoes and more! Thank you!

Ryan is in Haiti now and I got an update from him yesterday. He and some of our Haitian staff met with one of our friends and long-time partners who runs an organization in southwest Haiti to discuss how to help in this area greatly destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

If you look at the image above, this is where the Hurricane hit. The eye went where the arrow is; the large green circle is where the most need is; the small green circle is where we will be helping with our Haitian partner.

They decided that they would focus on 3 things with the donations given to our Emergency Fund:
-Clean water via water filters with a 10 year lifespan (1,000 are already on their way!)
-Giving seeds that will yield crops within 2 months, according to our friend who lives there. This will be better than giving out food daily for them.
-Paying local workers to rebuild roofs of houses to provide structure. Many homes were destroyed. By having local workers build roofs, this provides a way for local families to work on the walls and the rest of the house.

We have a Haitian team that is going to be doing all of the responding and planning for these projects. Thank you for giving Haitians the opportunity to respond to their own country and crisis. It has been truly overwhelming to see the hearts of our Haitian friends in action!
If you are interested in giving to this need, there is still time to give on and click on “Emergency Response” to give!

We are still maintaining and growing our ministry in our area, too! Stay tuned for more updates on that!

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