A Konbit Fall Update

Things are going well this fall! Read on to learn more…


Our children’s program is still going strong! We are currently in the process of sending down lots of school supplies. Thank you for responding to this need! We continue to have our Friday afternoon program, as well as a “Crazy Saturday” program, which is open to the entire community. During this time, about 150 kids come to participate. If you are interested in sponsoring a child at $25/month or with a one time gift, click here!


Our women’s sewing program is going really well. We are currently trying to find more outlets for the items to be sold in the USA. The women are enjoying perfecting their skills and growing in creativity. This fall and winter, we will be selling their sewing creations in a few different venues, including the Carver Center’s Christmas Bazaar in Atlanta.


Our Justice Water program continues to run well. Our guys were some of the first responders to Hurricane Matthew, checking on the areas they work in and making sure they had clean water. Willes, who works in the area of Lubins, found that there was some need and was able to jump in and help. Currently, there is a large latrine being built in a remote area in the mountains and we are beginning a “buy in” program for filters in this area, as well.


CEB is a technology Ryan and our Haitian director, Dan, have been interesting in for a few years now. It is a technology that would do really well in Haiti for the building of homes. It is sustainable and developmentally appropriate. Thanks to Thompson Engineering and some of our generous donors, we are able to have these two attend a week-long training in Dallas, TX. Dan will then come back to Alabama and get to meet some of you around here, too!


We are starting our Pastor’s Coalition this month! In April, we hosted a Pastor’s conference and we realized there is a need for community among pastors. We are happy to help organize these community leaders and church folks.


We are preparing for this Christmas season! We will be bringing down our Christmas gifts this year, as well as hosting a Christmas week camp and hosting a Christmas Pageant. If you are interested in helping with our Christmas spectacular program, please email us and let us know!

Thanks for keeping up with us and for caring for our friends in Haiti!

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