An August Update

I feel like I start each monthly update with “How did this month fly by so quickly?” but August truly feels like a whirlwind. We wrapped up in Haiti mid-August and headed back to the USA for some much needed fundraising and planning time. It has been a great time back and we are excited to share more about all the cool things God is doing in Haiti!

Justice Water is growing by leaps and bounds. Our directors just agreed to sign on for another amount of time and we are excited to stand with them. Some of our directors are working in places where cholera is killing people daily; others are working in desperate areas in the mountains or in sandy villages with mud-huts. All of them are dedicated and excited for this new season. We are excited to share more about this program on September 10 with some folks from Mobile, AL.

Kids’ Ministry Model is going really well. We are always thankful to partner with Dan and Clelie, as well as their staff for their program. We serve over 130 children and 75 families, which is such an awesome thing to be a part of. Kids are getting ready for school on Monday- and thanks to some of you all, we were able to send a first round of school supplies down to help get kids ready. We are having our 4th annual back to school bash at Manci’s to raise more awareness for this program September 16. We hope to see you there!

Fanm Konbit, Moringa, and Coffee Business Programs are going really well, too. Since we have been back, we have been able to meet with some potential partners and involve some of our board members in the decision processes going forward. Our hope is to sell more product, as well as employ more people in Haiti over the next year. We will be selling this product at all of our fundraisers and gatherings this September. It is also always available online! (

Research and Development has been a huge focus of Ryan and Steph in particular. Ryan has been working on research for Justice Water programs- especially on one project we hope to be able to do soon with a community in St. Marc. For me (Steph), I have been working on program evaluations for Justice Water, and hope to share these findings with our leaders soon. Additionally, I have been working on evaluating Konbit’s programs and outreaches to the community and how we can do them better/more effectively. This has been so fun to do and I am excited about all the results.

We hope to see you at Manci’s, or at one of our other events this September!

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