July Update

This summer has been great, so far. We are getting so much done that it continues to impress us! We are so thankful to God that He continues to bless this ministry, even in the midst of us in transition and the like. Thank you for reading, sharing, and caring about the things we are doing in Haiti!

Our days right now (and for the entire month of July) are filled with kids! Tons and tons of them! We have 130 kids who come every day to our children’s program, run by our Konbit Haiti national staff. These people have amazing hearts and the know-how, so we are thankful to get to work alongside of them! Monday through Friday, these children come to our facility to be educated, trained, and to have fun! They get a snack and a hot meal each day and they have a blast! We were fortunate enough to have one team from assorted areas along the Southern US coast last week and next week we are having a group come from Daphne, AL. We definitely appreciate all the energy and love teams come with as they work alongside of our staff.


We are still working on a few projects that did not get completed before camp: the bathroom in our community center area and capping the well. Additionally, we are still in process of moving our moringa garden. But…hey…its going to get done eventually! :) We are hoping that this can all be completed soon.


We continue to push forward to discuss the land we are purchasing (hopefully soon) to expand our programs, specifically our businesses and training conferences. We are so thankful for the donor who is helping us purchase this land! Additionally, we are also in talks for purchasing our current, rented home here. We believe it would make an excellent child development center in the future (and we have put SO much work into it already!).


Ryan continues to serve with his whole heart. This has not been an easy year for him, spending a lot of time in country without his wife. He has always been the propeller of the boat that is Konbit, but he has done an exceptional job lately. All of the sacrifices have been worth it and we are looking forward to more trips to Haiti together and spending some much needed time together this August!

Steph continues her studies and is in the middle of her fieldwork. Coincidently, it is also helping us expand our programs which impact families in vulnerable situations. She is also doing a major evaluation of Justice Water programs, which is always welcome. She is still getting used to the heat, but the staff and everyone have been so accommodating when she has to go to her room (with AC!) in the day.

Thanks again for reading this, donating, and caring for us!

2 thoughts on “July Update

  1. this is great news; thank you for sharing! it is wonderful to see and hear the fruits of your labors and God’s graces!

  2. Bonswa!!!! So, I was on the mission trip in July, and it was the most enjoyable thing I have EVER done. Mr and Mrs Robinson have put an incomprehensible amount of work into Konbit Haiti. If you ever get a chance to go to Konbit DO NOT REFUSE. And if you cant go, support! As I said before, the staff behind Konbit Haiti works extravagantly hard to empower Haiti.

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