Spring’s Arrival: March

This March has bloomed much like the flowers in pots outside of our home. It has been full of potential and possibility, both for us personally and the ministry.

This has been a hard season of winter for us. We have endured three surgeries in a year; two of them happening within 2 months of each other. We have battled our inner issues and our physical ones, left from years on the field without much checking-up. We have left our comfort zone (in many ways) of the developing world and come back home to Alabama to make sure our healths and our ministry can perform at their best. It has been challenging to know how to adjust back to this new reality that we so quickly found ourselves in. We send a HUGE thank you to those of you who have prayed for us (and with us), have helped with food while we have been in surgery/recovering, and who have just met with us and talked us through some of the issues that come from re-entry. It has been hard, but it does finally feel like spring is coming.

We are so excited to be moving forward in some of the areas of ministry we believe we are to move forward in. We are planning our more permanent community center, which will just be awesome for our community. We are also continuing to raise up leaders – from Justice Water to pastors to young people – we believe in them and are so thankful for our ministry partners on the ground who continue to do this work. It’s truly amazing.

We are also coming to the end of our Make an Impact campaign for clean water. All the money raised is going to water projects, and we have been encouraged by the outpouring of support and love from across the world!

April 16th is our second annual luncheon. It’s called A Haitian Occasion and it will be held at 5 Rivers’ beautiful facility. We invite you all to come and learn about Konbit Haiti and the amazing things God is doing through this program. It’s also FREE to the public, so bring your co-workers/friends/whomever! We look forward to seeing you. Learn more here.


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