Our May Update

Time has been flying. We are thankful for this, because it means that our healths are slowly getting back to normal and our lives are starting to hit the pace of “new normal” in terms of managing our healths and jobs with Konbit Haiti. We love what we do and are thankful for the perspective we have gained through our various health issues – we aren’t as important as we think we are; our goal is to just keep moving forward and doing what we feel led to do as the co-founders and helpers of Konbit Haiti. Man, do we work with some incredible people!

Here’s a brief (ish) look at the last month and also gives a glimpse into the future months:


A Haitian Occasion was a huge hit! We were able to sell so many of the products that our staff and partners made. Ryan was also able to share about what we are doing on the ground presently. Lindsey Wells, one of our good friends and board members, was also able to share about what she’s seen on the field. It was a great time in a beautiful setting. We are already looking forward to the next one! A HUGE shout-out to our sponsors: Coastal Clinical Research, Thompson Engineering, Bear Point Marina, Hood’s Home Center, Christian Copyright Solutions, Mantle Jewellery, Woven Magazine, The Gill Family, and Sirmon Farms! You guys are such amazing people and we appreciate it so much.


Our Pastor’s and Leadership Conference went really well. Each year, we learn more about what it means to truly be a pastor and leader in the community in Haiti. Most of these men and women are responsible for so much in their rural communities, often acting as the mayor, the school director, the police force, and more. We were thrilled to be able to offer them a few days of being poured into and feeling heard and loved by us. We received two teachers from New Orleans, and we also partnered with our local friend and partner, Pastor Musac and his powerhouse wife. They brought amazing teaching on community, leadership, discipleship, delegation, and more. It was a great time to be together and we are always thankful for this time. While this conference happens once a year, the gathering of many of these leaders happens once a month with our Pastor’s Coalition run by Pastor Musac.


Summer Camp is just around the corner! We have extended our camp to 5 weeks this year and we are excited for our 11 staff and 150 children to have some outside help from 4 different teams this summer. Some of the themes are sports camp, VBS, theater camp, and more! We are excited to see how our kids grow and learn during this time. It is always a lot of work, but it is also always a fun time. We are excited to help facilitate these teams in working with national staff. It is always challenging, but also so fun.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Dreaming for the Future- a lot of this has been happening lately! This is super encouraging because this is really our goal as outsiders facilitating community development. We want people to see the difference that is possible with hard work. We want our friends and partners to know and walk out that God is on their side in this. They are growing in this and we are so thankful! Now, we have to start helping make some of these dreams a reality. We are getting pumped for all the things to come and would LOVE to chat with you more about all of these exciting things in person. We are still working on acquiring long-term spaces for our programs, and it has just been a long process!

Please keep praying for our healths, for us to get strong, and for the ministry of Konbit Haiti! If you are interested in throwing a cocktail party/afterwork shindig and having us share more about Konbit with your friends, please let us know! There’s so much going on and we’d love to share! Thanks for the love and support!

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