A June Update

What a summer (so FAR)! In personal news, Steph graduated from Northwest University (in partnership with the Oxford Centre of Mission Studies) with a Master’s in International Community Development. We were in Prague for Steph to defend her thesis, which was greatly influenced by our work in Haiti. Her thesis is titled “Local Led Development as a Solution for Families at Risk in Haiti.” If you’d like to read it, please let us know! We’d love to share it.

We then were able to take a week and explore more of Eastern Europe together and Steph’s mom joined us, as well. It was probably the first vacation we’ve taken in many years. Thank you to all who gave toward this rest time! We appreciate it so much. We feel refreshed and ready to jump back into life in Haiti!


Speaking of life in Haiti, things are going well! We are gearing up for our 4th annual summer camp. It will be the 3rd with teams, and we are so thankful and excited for the people giving up time and resources to come serve with our staff. Our teams are different in that they come to offer SUPPORT and TRAINING to our national staff and do not do anything on their own. We are so thankful for the way this mutually beneficial team hosting happens!

We have been shocked at how this camp has opened up doors for us and transformed the community. God has used this space and our partners to show the people in Haiti what true healing and transformation looks like. This kind of development mission does not belittle the people; it does not enable the people; it uplifts and supports the amazing things this community is already doing. We simply help bring it out.

Our partners meet once a month with the pastor’s coalition. They run the children’s program year-round. Together, we provide training and supplemental help with things like school supplies, baby help, clothing and shoes, etc. We are so thankful to be a part of this transformational development in this community.

We would like to invite you to be a part of some of the amazing things happening! Here’s how you can get involved for the summer:

Donate hygienic products: Get your deodorant, pads, soaps, and more and head to our Daphne headquarters (or reach out to us to mail). We are collecting things for our kids’ program (MANY who are in need of hygienic products!) Our local partners give these out on an “as needed” basis.

Give toward our field trip One of the things we are hoping to do this summer is take our kids, most who have never been out of our town, to a museum of Haitian history. This will require a bus rental and the purchase of tickets. If you are interested in joining us in this, please donate at konbithaiti.org!

Give to our stage rebuild: We are in need of fixing our stage for the summer programs. This stage is used for many things year-round and we’d love to give it a facelift! Please give at konbithaiti.org.

Give toward our rent for the year: Always one of our pressing needs is rent. We have some money already committed, but this is usually a big chunk of money that is needed up-front. If you feel led to donate, donate with the link or mail a check to PO Box 1227 Montrose, AL. 36559

Donate school supplies: As we prepare for back-to-school in the coming months, we will need SO many school supplies. Needed items are: pens and pencils (non-mechanical); composition notebooks; children/youth underwear (new); pencil pouches; pencil sharpeners; backpacks… and more! Drop off at our Daphne location or with a Konbit representative you know.

As always, THANK YOU for your love and support. We appreciate it so much.  



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