Fall Update


This fall started with a whirlwind. Ryan and I returned separately from Haiti after the summer camps. I returned to mail the first batch of school supplies collected by our partners (looking at you, Coie boutique and The Fort!). We sent four boxes of school supplies before school started, and it was a big help! Ryan returned after teaching community development in Cap Haitian and flew into New Orleans for a few days. We were able to rest up a bit, as well as connect with our partners and friends from Canal Street Mosaic.

Being in Alabama was great. We were able to connect with our administrative helper, as well as bring on a new intern from California. We are also excited for our November events coming up right around the corner!

We were able to also spend some time in New York, celebrating a cousin’s wedding and we went through Wisconsin to see a friend/board member for a bit!

We arrived back in Haiti a few days ago, just in time to feel the small tremble from the earthquake off of the coast of Northern Haiti. It was certainly a first for us in Haiti (We’d experienced this in the DR before). It was difficult because it brings up a lot of different memories for our friends here, for sure.

We are now in Haiti for a few weeks before being stateside again for fundraising and connecting. There is so much going on and we are excited to bring on new partners and friends to stand with us in Haiti! This trip is going to be short and sweet, and we cherish all the time we have in Haiti.


Here is a brief update on each ministry operating within Konbit Haiti:

Justice Water/Water ministry: 

Our water program is going really, really well. Right now, we are in the middle of getting some of the more “boring” parts of work out of the way to prepare for 2019 and beyond. Our community directors are filing reports, completing research, and more to determine how effective their projects have been. Additionally, they have continued to teach in their communities about sanitation, hygiene, and sanitation.

Fanm Konbit/The Haiti Ladies: 

We are very stoked to have some visitors tomorrow who are going to help us restructure our outreach to these mommas. We are excited as we have some new and old designs that are going to be taught and re-taught, just in time for our November and December events! Hopefully you’ll be able to purchase some fun stuff for Christmas time.

Coffee and Moringa Farming:

We are very excited to continue to move this forward, as we reach even more places with these products!

Kids’ Ministry: 

With our partner, Clelie, we are continuing to reach over 100 children every week. We are thrilled for all that is happening in this area – equipping families and more. We continue to have Friday ministry and feeding program, as well as offering assistance to children throughout the week on things like homework, medical needs/expenses, and more. We are also getting ready for our December Christmas camp!


We are gearing up for some fun trainings this winter and into 2019: business, agriculture, medical, pastoral, and more.


We are so thankful for the ways you stand with us! Would you consider coming to one of our events this fall? November ones are listed below…and more will be added as they come up! 

November 10- Artisan Craft Fair- Apostles Eastern Shore Barn, Montrose, AL.

November 19- Fundraising Happy Hour- Castell Rooftop Lounge, New York City, NY.

If you are interested in hosting an event or learning more, please reach out via comment or email to info@konbithaiti.org. If you want to donate, please donate here: http://www.konbithaiti.org/donate 



One thought on “Fall Update

  1. Hey! Were you guys in Cali???? Sorry if we missed you! I thought you might be coming for a visit?!!! I know you’re busy! You have a new intern from California, anyone we know?? We actually go back to Haiti the end of Oct for one week! We’re doing our deaf school all of October ad we’re coming for our pastors conference and a bunch of other stuff! Keep in touch! Cindy

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