December Update!



(Ryan and I in Haiti in 2011)

That would be the word we would use for this season, and how we are finishing up the year. The last two years have been extremely and extraordinarily taxing on both of us, as well as many of our Haitian partners. People have lost close family members, tragedy has happened, and the government in Haiti is facing some challenging obstacles. For us personally, we have been getting used to our new normal, living bi-cotententaily in both Haiti and the USA. It has been challenging to be in Haiti with all of our new health issues, but it has also been really rewarding. We feel, more than ever, the power that comes with a community motivated to do the right thing with the right heart. We are overjoyed at the network of people we have the blessing to work alongside, and we believe that though this way of doing mission is non-traditional at times, it is the right way to do it. We are not the answer. Haitians are their own answer and we are there to help, partner, and connect.

This fall was a time to explore that connection piece both in Haiti and in the USA. We visited Haitian partners in their homes, at their mission bases, and in their churches. We heard what they were doing, the struggles they are facing, and we dreamed alongside of them. We worked hard to plan for this upcoming year, and we anticipate a lot of growth.


In the USA, we were able to make more connections in Austin and NYC. We are so thankful for the special people who made these events happen. We met some really cool folks!

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We are encouraged. We are thankful.

We are also still looking for people to come alongside of this work and partner with us. We are looking for monthly donors, anything from $10/month or more is super amazing! (Donate here:

We are looking for a few team members for our summer camps, as well. Please drop us a line if you’re interested in any of these things.

We will head to Haiti to drop off Christmas gifts with our partners that so many of you have generously given. We thank you for your love for the people of Haiti, for us, and for the world!

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