Camp Update

We are about half-way through our summer camp! Our local partners have done an amazing job running alongside the kids and helping them learn skills for the future. We recently found out we are the only summer-long camp operating in our city, which is kind of amazing! We are honored to continue to provide outreach and care for families in our area of Haiti and are thankful for such an amazing team of people we get to do it alongside.


Some of the life skills that our partners and staff have been teaching the children are:



-Notebook making



…and more!

These life skills aren’t just fun to learn, but they are also important to keep kids engaged in their future and not involved in things that can bring them into trouble, like the various forms of trafficking that exists in Haiti.

We are hoping to teach them to make some more beautiful things. Our hope is to provide our older teenagers with a small, part-time job! Keep your eyes peeled for some of that goodness in the fall!

We continue to go forward, we are continuing to provide two meals for our participants per day, and we are continuing to ask people to stand with us to help us finish this month out.

To give, please visit this link.

We are so thankful for your prayers and love as we continue to move forward with lots of exciting growth!


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