Camp Overhaul: A Photo Update

We can’t believe it! 5 weeks of all-in, intense, 50-hour-work-week-camp is over! and YOU helped make it possible.


It is really hard to sum up the last five weeks. For Ryan and myself, we spend a good deal of time preparing for the 5 weeks of camp, so it feels like all we’ve been planning for the last several months has finally come to an end. Receiving donations, asking people for support, meeting up with people who have questions, talking with our Haitian staff and partners to make sure we are allllll on the same page . . . it takes a big toll on us. Seeing our staff empowered to train their volunteers and youth staff is so worth it! We love partnering with our Haitian friends to see this dream come to reality.

IMG_0541Here are some of the highlights of camp! First, we love doing life with Dan and Clelie. They are the co-founders of Konbit Haiti, the people on the ground, and the best friends. We love them and their heart for their community!

During the few weeks of camp, we had people teach skills like: soap making, crocheting, hygiene, cooking, etiquette, English, global politics, geography, science, emotional health, nutrition, music classes, baking…and more! 

All of these skills were taught by Haitian professionals, from doctors to cooks. We believe seeing Haitian professionals upfront and leading is what inspires hope in young people.



In addition to training, the kids had FUN playing with the games that were donated through Chick-Fil-A Dauphin Street’s Drive (shout out to them!), and the team driven by Phyllis Hood. We are also thankful for the donations taken up by Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church! Thank you ALL!






The giving also provided an opportunity for the older kids to travel to a Haitian history musem and the younger kids to travel to a more local musem of Haitian history. We LOVE teaching the kids about their own culture, reminding them that God is all around, celebrating their country, too.



We also had a LOT to celebrate this summer. Our Children’s Director and Family Director, Clelie, graduated with her degree in Education. We are really stoked about how this will unfold and the direction this will take Konbit Haiti.




We also celebrated the marriage of one of our staff, Blondine! She and her husband have two adorable twin babies. Blondine has been such a huge help to Konbit. She helps lead our sewing efforts, works with the children, and helps with hospitality.




Our water ministry continues to grow. We are revamping a lot of the program, from procedures to training. We are looking forward to that! Huge thank you to Kokua for helping with the funding of this project.


Another project is in the works, as soon as a road is completed!


We also were able to start more small business initiatives, especially with people we have been concerned about due to a higher level of trafficking in our area. We are really excited to roll out some of these products in the fall!



There are really no words to share how thankful we are. We could not have done this without you all. Without the support and love of churches like: Church of the Apostles, Apostles Eastern Shore, Mosiac Canal Street, Mars Hill Fairhope, Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church… without groups like Phyllis Hood and her team, Konbit Kids group, Dauphin Street Chick-Fil-A, Mosiac Home Group, Hull’s School Switzerland…without individuals like: Nolan Robinson, Natalie and Darrin Wynn, Lou Brummett, Kathie Gill, Andy and Ruthy Taylor, Amanda and Hal Hood, Rebekah and Reid Loper, The Bergs, Julie and Michael Smalls, Tom Aiken, Tammy Prophet, David Pichler, Charlotte Elam, Christi and Jeremy Barnes, Alexi Felty, Katie Moore, Dr. Michael Ledet, Sylvia Williams, The McDaniels Family … and all of those who give EVERY month to our programs. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. This was SUCH a joint effort. We can’t believe it!

We are state-side for a bit, and we’d love to meet up with you. We have SO much in the works for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. We’d love to share about how God is using Konbit Haiti to transform communities all over Haiti. THANK YOU for giving, thank you for believing in us!


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