We had a wonderful weekend with our amazing friends in Kentucky! Ryan and I hadn’t seen them since our wedding in May of last year. It was a long time overdue, that’s for sure! Thanks, guys, for your support of us going to Hawaii!

When we were in Louisville, we received an exciting email! We have been officially accepted to YWAM’s Justice DTS! On September 30, we will begin our adventure in Kona, Hawaii. This training will help us hone in on our passions and help us learn to teach others to sustain life in a third world country. Exciting stuff, huh?

We’ve also placed our photography at Big Daddy’s Grill in Fairhope! Other places we’ll be this week are Satori Coffee, Carpe Diem and….we’ll see where else. We’ll be doing a showcase at Tropical Smoothie next week, as well! We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

We’ll be busy the next few weeks, but we’re so excited to get going and to be so supported by our totally fun friends and family!

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