A Little Bit and a Long Way

I have been hearing a lot lately about the power of one.

A speaker from last week said it beautifully. It may start with one, but a community of people is always right after the one…and it turns into an incredible symphony all from the one person who dared to play their instrument first.

I have been thinking of some of my closest friends. Some in Colorado, some in Kentucky and some in good ol’ Alabama…and some of our conversations. I know people who want to bring poverty to an end. I have talked to people who have an incredible passion for using their education to help the needy. I am friends with people who want to make a difference. We’re all in the same boat asking the same question: How?

Its important to recognize the importance of daily impact, of the impact we use our lives for…how we love people at home. It’s important. But, there is a need bigger than us out there and that’s what I have been thinking about as of late.

It has been encouraging to be here in Hawaii where dreams flow like honey. I know enough to know that it is not the real world necessarily, but it has been nice to be encouraged in the direction of my dreams. I do want to make a difference. I know so many people who want to as well.

I don’t have any startling revelation about how we can all make a difference in the world. I do think we can, though. For me, the revolution starts with believing ourselves…believing what God says to us and about us. He doesn’t want us to look like clones, doing something non-creative or interesting because it is “Christian”. He made us different so that we may use our deepest passions and biggest desires to work for what His heart beats for. So, no longer should we say “I can’t”! We can. Even if your passions, like me, seem to be for a bunch of random things, including singing and dancing to bad music, we can be used!

I’ll end with this. Its an example of what all I have been saying. I was pretty encouraged by it.

This video and the website are dedicated to a girl who survived an attempted infanticide in the deep of the Amazon. Many tribes who don’t know any better kill twins, triplets or those with special needs. Parents disagree with this often times, but are forced to kill their child if the tribe leader says so. The beauty in all this is that a photographer lived among these people, saw the injustice and simply did what she knew she should. It started with a book about the children who were dying, some still photos and awareness. It then propelled into a documentary called Hakani. This documentary caused awareness and reaction all over the world. Soon, the people of Brazil were protesting to their government.

This documentary has changed a law.

Its pretty amazing to think about what we can do when no one is telling us we can’t.


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