October in Nutshell

Its quite difficult to remember its fall here in Hawaii. Fall is one of our favorite times in Alabama. It cools down just a tiny bit from August and Mellowcreme pumpkins are in bountiful harvest!

We’ve adjusted well to island living in our community here. It has been quite an adventure and sometimes frustrating to be without a car or to have someone tell us our schedule. As one of our wise 18 year old friends said, “You guys signed up for it”. :) And, that we did. Its been fun and challenging all at the same time.

Our speakers have stretched us to think about our own faith- who we think God is, why we follow Jesus and what we’d like to do to make an impact in the world. We’ve really pressed into the teachings, attempting to figure out our own thoughts along the way. One thing we’ve taken away thus far is how we can never take our eyes of of Jesus; it’s always about Him. We’d been struggling in a time of complacency and busyness…and being here has obviously helped redirect us. Its reminded us of our passions and how we don’t want to live life valuing what society values but what we value and keep dear to our hearts.

As far as fun stuff, we’ve had a blast! We’ve been snorkeling, relaxing and building relationships with amazing people. This Friday we had the opportunity to volunteer for  a giant fundraiser for the primary school here. It was a Harvest Party up in the mountains of Kona, super fun! And, ironically enough…we were characters from “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Take a look at some of our pictures below! :)

We’ve been reading a lot of good books, attempting to learn Haitian creole and have been enjoying creation here. This experience, no doubt, will propel us into an awesome adventure. We’re excited for the ride of our lives! We only get one.


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